Welcome to my list of macromolecular crystallography links and resources - a mix of links to programs, tutorials and methods aggregated from around the web plus several I have developed myself over the years.

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Crystallography/Lab Methods, Tuturials and Guides

Look further down the page for software and servers. This list last curated October 2012

Macromolecular Software Home Pages

This list curated as of October 2012.

Bioinformatics Software and Database Search Sites

There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics - Mark Twain (and/or Benjamin Disraeli)

What makes it on this list are methods that aid or inform structural biology. There are huge swaths of activity under the bioinformatics label (e.g. much of genomics and proteomics) that don't enter in this list.

Structural Genomics

Greg Petsko's "An idea whose time has gone" is a rather interesting alternative viewpoint on this subject.

Crystallographic Computing

The state of hardware running Unix (Linux variants and OSX) and the improvement in software installation methods has meant that installing and operating crystallographic software on one's own machine is no longer a Herculean task. Consequently the number of meaningful links here has shrunk dramatically. You can probably get decent operational systems running in virtual machines, if you so desire.


Inclusion or exclusion here doesn't infer support to one vendor or another. I'm more interested in keeping up with methods than I am with (e.g.) the proliferation of vendors offering crystallization screens.

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