Ruff - Jamaica Bay - 5/17/2005
Photos and text by Rex Stanford

NOTE: Images and text copyright © Rex Stanford 2005, all rights reserved

These are Rex Stanford's pictures of the Ruff he found at Jamaica Bay on Sunday May 17th 2005, and his discussion of what he observed.

Photo #019: This and all three photos displayed here were taken between 3:30 and 4:15 PM from bench 12 on the West Pond of Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge, Queens Co., NY, on 05/17/05. The Ruff here displays, from front to back: (a) A bill that is perfectly shaped for a ruff (i.e., rather straight, but with a downward curve near the tip) and that is beginning to show some orange color at its base; (b) some brownish-red color about the face; greater coverts with dark barring; tertials that appear to reach to the tips of the primaries and that show a hint of reddish-brown color; and bright gold legs.

Photo #006: The Ruff is shown here with the two Lesser Yellowlegs that often fed with it. This photo nicely shows the dramatic contrast, in general coloration and in feather shapes and patterns, between it and the yellowlegs.

Photo #030: The feathers on the Ruff's top side have large brownish-black centers outlined broadly with much lighter color. Just in front of the Ruff's left leg may be seen some of the black blotches, on a white ground, that appear toward its front and on its flanks. Again, the bright coloration of the legs is apparent.