phil jeffrey:: Where the Birds Are


I've contributed pictures to a variety of causes/publications before: the first Lenoir Rufous Hummingbird as the cover of the CBC edition of North American Birds in 2002 (and various pictures inside over the years); a conservation project in a State Park in NC; a survey project for Swainson's Warbler in IL; NYC Audubon; one or two local newspapers; several people doing one educational project or another. However this is my first project where I actually get paid for photo usage (I don't charge for photo usage for conservation projects, and NAB didn't have a photo budget for the cover).

I have 11 photos in the Reader's Digest book Where the Birds Are authored by Robert Dolezal. Ten of them were taken in the park or locally (NYC and NJ).

I'm pretty excited to see my work in commercial print for the first time, in color, and they have done a very good job with the reproduction.