Bird Sightings from Florida Keys Trip Dec/Jan 98/99

This is a record of species seen on the FL Keys trip of winter 1998/99, with the notable exception that "garbage birds" (Starlings, House Sparrows, American Robins, Mourning Doves) are often omitted since we were largely ignoring them. The main reserves hit were Merritt Island (Titusville, FL), Everglades (Anhinga, Pay-Hay-O-Kee, Mahogoany Hammock and Eco Pond), Ding Darling Refuge on Sanibel Island, Shark Alley (Everglades), Corkscrew Swamp and Loxahatchee. There are also entries for the Keys, the "road" (drive from New York City to/from the FL Keys). Anything seen in FL City is listed under into the Keys, and anything in the Naples area into the Ding Darling listing.

I took this trip with Allison, my girlfriend at the time, and the "Allison" and "Phil" columns reflect Life and USA species for us. The "????" in the Myna column indicates that I'm not sure if this bird is countable or not, although there was clearly a small escapee population in Florida City (look in the parking lot behind the Burger King - no I'm not kidding).

One of the things I'll never forget about the trip was finding my first "real" neo-tropical species soaring above the parking lot of the Key Largo K-mart. An immature Magnificeant Frigatebird. It's at this point I realised things may be a little different there.

We didn't get all our "target" birds (missing Ani, Northern Parula in particular) but we got a great deal. Here's the list:

Species Allison Phil Merritt Is Everglades Ding Darling Corkscrew Swamp Shark Alley Loxahatchee FL Keys On The Road
Pied-billed Grebe     x x x   x x   
Brown Pelican     x x x     x x
American White Pelican Life   x x x      
Magnificent Frigatebird Life Life        x  
Double-crested Cormorant     x x x   x x x x
Anhinga Life Life x x x x x x   
Great Blue Heron     x x x   x   x x
Great Egret     x x x   x x x x
Snowy Egret     x x x   x x   x
Reddish Egret Life Life x   x     x  
Little Blue Heron Life   x x x x x x x  
Tricolored Heron     x x x   x x x x
Cattle Egret Life   x x     x   x
Green Heron Life   x x       
Black-crowned Night Heron            x  
Yellow-crowned Night Heron Life Life    x      
American Bittern Life Life      x    
Wood Stork Life Life x x x   x x   x
Glossy Ibis Life   x x x   x    
White Ibis Life Life x x x x x x x x
Roseate Spoonbill Life Life x Eco x      
Snow Goose     x        x
Mottled Duck Life Life x      x   
Pintail     x        
Green-winged Teal     x        
Blue-winged Teal     x   x      
Shoveler     x        
Scaup sp.     x   x      
Ring-necked Duck           x   
Red-breasted Merganser        x     x  
Hooded Merganser     x        
Turkey Vulture     x x x x x x x x
Black Vulture Life   x x x x x x   x
Bald Eagle     x        x
Snail Kite Life Life      x    
Red-tailed Hawk          x    x
Red-shouldered Hawk Life Life x Eco x x    x x
Short-tailed Hawk Life Life       x x  
Sharp-shinned Hawk            x  
Osprey     x x x   x x x x
Northern Harrier           x   
Peregrine Falcon       x       x
American Kestrel       x x     x x
Sandhill Crane Life           x
Limpkin Life Life       x   
Common Gallinule Life USA x x    x x   
Purple Gallinule Life     x   x x x   
American Coot     x x x    x   
Killdeer Life   x        
Black-bellied Plover     x x x     x  
Ruddy Turnstone Life   x       x  
Snipe Life        x    
Spotted Sandpiper        x      
Greater Yellowlegs     x        
Lesser Yellowlegs     x   x      
Dowitcher sp.     x       x  
Willet Life   x   x      
Sanderling Life          x  
Least Sandpiper Life          x  
Western Sandpiper Life          x  
American Avocet Life   x        
Great Black-backed Gull             x
Herring Gull             x
Ring-billed Gull     x x x     x x
Laughing Gull       x x     x x
Bonaparte's Gull Life   x        
Royal Tern Life Life        x  
Rock Dove            x  
White-crowned Pigeon Life Life        x  
Collared Dove Life USA        x  
Common Ground Dove Life Life    x      
Great Horned Owl Life Life       x   
Barred Owl Life Life     x     
Belted Kingfisher     x   x   x x x  
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker           x   
Pileated Woodpecker Life Life         
Red-bellied Woodpecker       x   x x x x  
Eastern Phoebe       x x x x x   
Northern Rough-winged Swallow Life        x   
Tree Swallow Life   x x x x   x x x
Cedar Waxwing          x x   x
Loggerhead Shrike Life          x  
Solitary Vireo         x     
White-eyed Vireo   Life     x     
Black and White Warbler Life       x     
Yellow-rumped Warbler       x x x   x x  
Black-throated Green Warbler Life    x    x    
Black-throated Blue Warbler         x     
Palm Warbler Life   x x x x x x x  
Common Yellowthroat Life     x       
American Redstart Life          x  
Common Myna ???? ????        x  
Blue Jay            x  
American Crow       ?    ?    
Fish Crow Life     ? x   ?    
Carolina Wren Life         x   
Northern Mockingbird     x x x   x   x x
Gray Catbird         x   x   
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Life     x   x x x   
Tufted Titmouse         x     
Eastern Meadowlark Life Life x        
Red-winged Blackbird Life     x x   x    x
Common Grackle        x      x
Boat-tailed Grackle Life   x x x x x x   x
Northern Cardinal           x   
Totals 51 21 48 38 42 21 30 36 39 29