Florida Trip, 2012


Florida Trip 2012

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A caution from 2011 report: do NOT trust the Tropical Audubon site directions for location opening hours without checking them first - I found them to be inaccurate

Travel Details

I flew into Miami via United, burning frequent flyer miles, and rented a car from Dollar based on a good experience in 2011. If you're in the Miami area I suggest that the SunPass EZPass-like toll option is worth the additional $ at rental since some of the Miami area expressways do not accept cash. You don't want to move around Miami on just local roads. I lost the advantage of the early start (6:05am departure) because Jacksonville air traffic control had an outage so we sat on the tarmac for 1:30 while they got themselves restarted. There was also a line at Dollar car rental which did not endear itself to me this time around - other rental companies were more efficient, at least judging from the lines.

This trip was different than my usual FL trip because it was designed to mop up many of the species that I traditionally miss while on my Feb/Mar trips. I also incorporated a trip out to the Dry Tortugas for breeding birds there.

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